Titus Vinius

Political ally of Emperor Otho. A former officer of the Spanish provincial government and a greedy fortune hunter who journeyed to Rome in 68–69 C.E. with Emperor Galba, becoming one of his leading advisers, along with Cornelius Laco and the freedman Icelus. Described by the historian Tacitus as the vilest of men, he became a stubborn supporter of Otho for the position of Galba’ s heir and sought to wed his daughter to Otho, who was unmarried.

He lost to Laco, who wanted Piso Licinianus. His backing of Otho was not enough to prevent his own murder in the assassination plot of Otho against Galba on January 15, 69. Vinius was cut down by the Praetorian Guards outside of the Temple of Divus Julius.

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