Chrysaphius Zstommas

Highly influential during the reign of Emperor THEODOSIUS II, Zstommas stirred up trouble between PULCHERIA, Theodosius’s sister, and the emperor’s wife EUDOCIA and then forced Pulcheria from the palace.

Eudocia was exiled in 442 to JERUSALEM, where she lived until her death in 460. Zstommas filled the vacuum caused by the departure of those formidable women, using conciliatory policies and vast amounts of the treasury to buy off the HUNS, who were ravaging ILLYRICUM.

His actions naturally brought him many enemies at court, and sometime in 450 Pulcheria returned to her former position, with the help of the army generals. Zstommas fell from power, and during the last months of Theodosius’s reign Pulcheria gained complete control. After Theodosius died in July 450, MARCIAN, his successor, began his rule by executing Zstommas.

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