Yazdagird I - King of Persia

Yazdagird’ s reign was noted for its improved relations with Constantinople and its easing of Christian persecutions begun under Shapur II. Considered powerful, Yazdagird was declared an honorary guardian to the young Emperor Theodosius II in the will of Arcadius upon his death in 408.

Yazdagird’ s willingness to protect the dynastic stability of the emperors was taken as a sign of improved relations between Rome and Persia, and in 409 an attempt was made to reestablish trading ties.

Christianity was allowed to flourish in Persian lands, especially Armenia, until the Christian clergy attempted widescale conversions and was suppressed harshly, ending the brief detente in 420. Yazdagird marched off to war but died on the way. His son Varahran V succeeded him.

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