One of the leading cities of the Roman province of Noricum; situated in southern Noricum near the border of Pannonia. From the start of Rome’s occupation, the site was important because of its position on the road connecting the Danube frontier with the major areas of Italy (Aquileta) and Pannonia.

When the traditional center of culture at Noreia (Magdalensberg) was destroyed to augment Romanization of the region, its replacement was Virunum. Here a Municipium was founded and the procurator housed.

The city enjoyed all of the usual architectural gifts of civilization, a bath, forum, basilica, and temples. So Italian did it become that coloniae were unnecessary , and it stood as a model both for the northern regions of the province and for Pannonia.

Following the Marcomannic Wars, in the mid-second century C.E., Ovilava replaced Virunum as the capital, but the procurator remained. Virunum was never fortified because of its location in southern Noricum, always a more peaceful territory.

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